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MAbizU provides martial arts school owners with the best
in martial arts business coaching, featuring systems &
courses based on Mike Massie's Small Dojo Big Profits.

Mike Massie martial arts business coaching expert

About Me

Back in 2003 I wrote Small Dojo Big Profits because I was dissatisfied with the business information that was available in the martial arts industry.

Since then I've been helping studio owners build lasting, satisfying careers doing what they love... teaching martial arts.

Let's build the school of your dreams, today.

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What MAbizU Offers You:

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Business Education

MAbizU offers you business training & guidance based on the Small Dojo Big Profits approach to studio management. 

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1-to-1 Coaching

Do you love to teach? MAbizU coaches will show you how to run a profitable studio managing less and teaching more.

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Our Coaching App

Take your education on the go! Watch and listen to courses, view weekly lessons, read the MAbizU library, & more... all from your mobile device.

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Marketing Services

Frustrated with your efforts to grow your dojo? Learn real-world marketing that works in our app, or let us handle your marketing for you.

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Recent Lessons

Recent lesson topics from our app and online community

Picking a Location

What are the factors that go into a winning dojo location?
Find out how to choose the perfect location for your new
martial arts studio!

How to Get More Students!

Getting students in the digital age can be tough. What
specific marketing activities should school owners
focus on to get students? Find out what's working now!

Financing Your Dojo

What's the best way to finance a new dojo? Should you
take out a loan? Discover the Small Dojo Big Profits way
to fund your new business.

MAbizU Courses

When you download our app and subscribe to MAbizU, you'll have a vast selection of martial arts business training at your fingertips.

This course covers everything a martial arts instructor needs to know to start and run a profitable dojo. Includes 12 video lessons, companion audios, manual, resource downloads, & more.

Discover the simplified way to market your dojo! Discover the 20% of marketing activities that will get you 80% of your results. 8 video lessons, written transcript, companion manual & more.

Discover how to build a six-figure career teaching martial arts without the financial risk of a large, full-time dojo. 12 video lessons, companion audios, written transcript, resources, & more.

Find out how to make your dojo recession-proof! Includes 11 video lessons, course audio so you can listen on the go, and written course transcript.

Tired of sleazy sales tactics? Discover the honest, low-pressure way to enroll more students! 20 video lessons, manual, sales scripts, & more.

Discover how to run profitable after-school and summer camps, without risking your business! Video & audio.

Plus the entire MA Biz U Martial Arts Business Library!

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Need Coaching?

Mr. Massie is available for 1-to-1 martial arts business coaching on all topics related to starting, running, growing, and selling martial arts studios.

Sessions can be booked through our mobile app, or by contacting us directly.

Fill out the form on this page and a representative will get back to you to schedule your coaching session.

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