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Owning a dojo is a dream job for many martial artists. But due to changing consumer behavior, volatile economic conditions, and globe-spanning events, the challenges school owners face now are greater than they've ever been.

Yet, running a martial arts studio is still one of the best small business opportunities you'll find. The barrier to entry is low, the profit margins are high (if you do it right), and staffing needs are minimal.

Despite that, many school owners still struggle to earn a decent living teaching martial arts. It's not for lack of work or effort, that's for sure.

So what holds most instructors back from achieving their dreams?

Knowledge, plain and simple. Knowing how to make all the right moves as a small business owner, how to get more students, and how to keep them.

Wouldn't it be great to have answers to all your questions about starting and growing a profitable martial arts studio?

Now you can have solid martial arts business advice right on your mobile device with the MAbizU app. Find out how to build the martial arts school of your dreams, today.

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What is MAbizU?

MAbizU ("Martial Arts Business U") was founded by Small Dojo Big Profits author Mike Massie to provide martial arts instructors with solid, honest business advice.

Mike wrote Small Dojo Big Profits in 2003 after becoming dissatisfied with the vague and often dishonest business information that was being taught to school owners in the martial arts industry.

Since then Mr. Massie has shown thousands of school owners how to build lasting, satisfying careers teaching quality martial arts through his books, courses, seminars, workshops, and coaching programs.

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What's Inside:

This app is chock full of information on starting and running a successful studio. Some of this info cannot be found anywhere else, like the weekly lessons and The Simplified Dojo Marketing Course.

The MAbizU dojo education app contains:

  • The entire Small Dojo Big Profits course and manual,
  • The Simplified Dojo Marketing Course,
  • Dozens of weekly video lessons addressing common questions school owners ask,
  • Plus Mike's entire ebook library, with more content being added all the time.

Inside you'll find courses and lessons on every aspect of starting and running a dojo, including topics such as:

  • Starting a dojo
  • Choosing a location
  • Marketing your programs
  • Retaining students
  • Collecting tuition
  • Finding & training staff
  • Budgeting & bookkeeping
  • Maximizing your profits
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MAbizU Courses

When you download our app and subscribe to MAbizU, you'll have a vast selection of martial arts business training at your fingertips.

This course covers everything a martial arts instructor needs to know to start and run a profitable dojo. Includes 12 video lessons, companion audios, manual, resource downloads, & more.

Discover the simplified way to market your dojo! Discover the 20% of marketing activities that will get you 80% of your results. 8 video lessons, written transcript, companion manual & more.

Discover how to build a six-figure career teaching martial arts without the financial risk of a large, full-time dojo. 12 video lessons, companion audios, written transcript, resources, & more.

Find out how to make your dojo recession-proof! Includes 11 video lessons, course audio so you can listen on the go, and written course transcript.

Tired of sleazy sales tactics? Discover the honest, low-pressure way to enroll more students! 20 video lessons, manual, sales scripts, & more.

Discover how to run profitable after-school and summer camps, without risking your business! Video & audio.

Plus the entire MA Biz U Martial Arts Business Library!

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Learn. Connect. Profit.

More than just a course delivery system, the app connects you with our community of school owners. Share ideas, ask questions, and get answers from instructors who are in the trenches today.

Or, Book A Coaching Session With Mike

Need more focused advice? Book a coaching session with Mr. Massie, right from within the app.

Mike will Facetime or Zoom with you one-on-one to coach you to greater profits while resolving your most pressing challenges.

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Learn & Grow

Find out how to grow your dojo from the most trusted coach in the martial arts industry, Mike Massie.

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Chat & Connect

Connect with other Small Dojo Big Profits school owners to share what's working now in the industry.

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Guidance & Advice

You'll have answers to every school ownership question right at your fingertips.

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Get More Students

Discover the most proven & simple methods of attracting new students in today's digital age.

The Cost?

Just $29.95 a month or $249.99 a year (save $110) gives you access to weekly lessons, the Small Dojo Big Profits eCourse and eBook (readable on your device), plus our brand-new Simplified Dojo Marketing course.

In these included eCourses and eBooks, Mike takes the guesswork out of launching your dojo, managing your studio, and getting new students!

Or, book a coaching session with Mr. Massie and unlock the entire MAbizU martial arts business learning library!

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